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Terms & Conditions

The applicant in consideration of this application and/or the subsequent granting of credit hereby agrees and authorises that:

1. The terms are for full payment by Direct Debit on the 20th of the month following invoice, or Credit Card payment 7 days following invoice. For details as to these payment options, click here.

2. All property purchased on credit remains the property of Sitework Supplies until full payment is made. Sitework Supplies and/or its appointed agent is hereby irrevocably granted permission from the purchaser(s), including the right to enter onto any premises owned or occupied by the purchaser, to retrieve product that has not been paid for in full by the agreed due date. The purchaser(s) will pay all costs and liabilities incurred by Sitework Supplies and/or its appointed agent in recovering any property. The purchaser(s) indemnify Sitework Supplies and/or its agents against all liability and actions arising from the recovery of overdue accounts, or the repossession of goods.

3. The purchaser will pay to Sitework Supplies all costs associated with the collection of overdue accounts including interest at 2.0% per calendar month of the overdue amounts.

4. The purchaser is entitled to on sell unpaid for goods only on condition that the purchaser’s customers are made aware of and understand that Sitework Supplies does retain title to the goods until such goods are paid for in full.

5. Sitework Supplies accepts no liability whatsoever for any claim arising from the sale of its property or services. The purchaser(s) rely solely on their own judgment as to the suitability of goods or services prior to ordering such goods or services from Sitework Supplies Ltd.

6. Any other party may provide to you the purchaser(s), such information you may require to assess this application and/or subsequent account(s) from time to time.

7. Sitework Supplies may provide to any other party who request of us, details of this application and/or any subsequent account(s) from time to time.

8. Sitework Supplies may stop credit for this account for any reason whatsoever.

9. Any goods being returned for credit must be returned to Sitework Supplies in the same saleable condition as when they were originally dispatched, no later than fourteen days after first receiving the goods.

10. Any dispute of any invoice must be made in writing and received by Sitework Supplies within fourteen days of receipt of such invoice.

11. In the event of faulty goods or services being supplied by Sitework Supplies, its total liability shall not exceed the replacement of such goods or services or the refund of the invoiced cost of such goods or services.

12. Same day dispatch is for orders received prior to 4.30pm - exceptions apply.


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