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Silt Fence Cloth

Silt Fence Cloth

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$79.80 / ea
excluding GST


Quantity price breaks

  5+ rolls     $59.90ea

10+ rolls     $48.95ea

20+ rolls     $42.90ea



  • With an online shopping cart it couldn't be made easier to buy Silt Fence & Super Silt Fence Cloth. Purchase to be delivered NZ wide.
  • High strength woven geotextile for containing sediment runoff in a wide range of applications.
  • Silt Fence allows water to flow while filtering out sediments and solids, preventing downstream pollution of sensitive areas.
  • High strength woven geotextile
  • Filters out solids while allowing water to flow
  • UV Stabilized
  • Resistant to biological & chemical degradation
  • Standard Silt Fence rolls size: 1m x 50m
  • Super Silt Fence rolls size: 2x (1m x 50m rolls)
  • Ideal for: Boundry protection, Drainage outflows & Downstream of stockpiles
  • Also available: Siltsocks, Steel Posts & Post Caps