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Storm Sentinel Catch Basin Inserts

Storm Sentinel Catch Basin Inserts

$280.41 / ea
excluding GST


  • With an online shopping cart it couldn't be made easier to buy Drain Protectors & Storm Sentinel Catch Basin Inserts. Purchase to be delivered anywhere NZ wide.
  • The Storm Sentinel drain protection inserts help companies with storm water pollution prevention plans and best management practices by protecting your storm drains and catchment basins. It's the most efficient way to catch oil, fuels and sediment from entering the storm water and sewer systems.
  • Requiring no special tools to install, the Storm Sentinel is equipped with an oil absorbent media in a screened bag that ensures water can pass through allowing it to be left in place for long periods.
  • Choose from Round or Square Fit
  • Adjustable to fit your drain
  • Round - 600mm Ø ~ 660mm Ø
  • Square - 600mm x 660mm ~ 600mm x 900mm
  • Catches sediment, fuel and oils
  • Reusable time after time
  • Also available: Siltsocks