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Duraforce® Geotextiles

Duraforce® Geotextiles

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  • With an online shopping cart it couldn't be made easier to buy Duraforce® Geotextiles and Filter Cloth. Purchase to be delivered anywhere NZ wide.
  • Duraforce® Non woven GeoTextiles are among the most versatile geosynthetics available to us today.
  • Ideal for filtration, drainage, separation and reinforcement applications.
  • Duraforce® is manufactured in a world leading plant in Europe and features a unique High Stability manufacturing process to resist physical breakdown of the product by abrasive forces.
  • Duraforce® geotextiles are tested and rated to Transit NZ F/7 specifications, and are widely accepted by local authorities.
  • Duraforce® non-woven geotextiles are manufactured from the extrusion of fibres (polyester) which are then laid down on a manufacturing “bed”. They are then needle punched to entangle the fibres resulting in a dimensionally stable product. Some additional thermal treatment is then applied to further improve the strength of the geotextile. Because of this manufacturing process, non-woven geotextiles are generally best used in applications of drainage, filtration and protection.
  • Sitework Supplies Ltd offer the Duraforce® polyester non-woven geotextile in a range of weights, strengths and fifiltration characteristics for these engineering applications. In certain applications such as asphalt or chip resealing works the use of a Duraforce® paving geotextile may be useful as an interstitial layer (impregnated with bitumen). This will provide an impermeable waterproofing layer to the reconstructed pavement and minimizes the propagation of “reflection” cracking.
  • Also available: Filter Plus


See diagram below for detail...

Duraforce Diagram