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Sorbent Socks

Sorbent Socks

$23.95 / ea
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  • With an online shopping cart it couldn't be made easier to buy Sorbent Socks. Purchase to be delivered NZ wide.
  • Sorbent Sock is unbeatable in stopping a spill from spreading or to contain liquids before recovering with pads
  • Often the first tool in spill response
  • Excellent for use around machinery as they conform easily to corners and uneven surfaces
  • All Socks are 75mm thick
  • Available in 3 different types.
  • Also available: Sorbent Booms


Oil Only

These socks work well when there is need to only absorb oils and other hydrocarbons off water or around machinery. Repelling water, they are used around outdoor stored drums and will float on water - even when totally saturated. Available in 2 lengths.


A superb all-round absorbent sock. Virtually non-drip, these socks will absorb a wide range of both hydrocarbon and water based liquids. Widely used in a lot of heavy industrial applications. Available in 3 lengths.


Acid? Caustic? Simple unknown? In these situations it's safest to reach for an Aggressive Sorbent Sock to stop the spill from spreading. Capable of absorbing almost all liquids rapidly these socks are colour coded for hazard recognition. Available in 2 lengths.


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